Split and Early Oval , ATE brake fluid reservoir


Split brake Fluid Reservoir , Excellent quality reproduction ! Correct moldings and indexing rib on the bottom of the unit replace your dented , pitted , rusted original reservoir with this new , correct dimensions , correct look , steel or aluminum reservoir *original ATE aluminum cap fits perfect steel or aluminum reservoirs available . STEEL RESERVOIRS FINISH : YELLOW , SILVER OR BLACK COPPER AND ZINC COATED , PHOSPHATED , HOT BLUING ALUMINUM RESERVOIRS FINISH : HARD ANODIZED BLACK , OR NEUTRAL , ALSO SEVERAL COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM . there is no difference between this part and the og reservoir , except that this last one is always in poor cond. shop and pay attention before you buyt , not all the reservoirs are the same * just 80 plus shipping , ATE cap not included but available.