Split, Oval, Bus, show quality handle restoration services


Due to hundreds of requests for SERIOUS handle restoration , and after releasing my die cast tumblers , i am in the position to offer a FULL , NO COMPROMISE door handle restoration service ……… this will include : 1) proffesionally disassembled handles to minimize damage ( even using edm to remove rebel screws 2) handles will be degreased , then they will get the chrome off by electro chemical means 3) hi quality buffing 4) show quality triple chrome ( copper , zinc and chrome) 5) replacement of any damaged part 6) tumbler replacement for one of my own die cast units with stainless steel wafers NOTE that i do not use LOST WAX midget tumblers 7) springs replacement 8) silver steel pins replacement 9) reamers used where needed . 10) STEEL stamped “huf” keys , no lost wax , midget keys here ……….. turn around time is about 6 weeks ……….. email with pics for a quote , but cost would be about 220 for the complete chroming process plus parts.