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RHD cabriolet / convertible mirror


Split “K” manifold


Split “L” locking rear decklid handle


Split “streifenbraun” rear pillows




Split 51/52 semaphore arm cover


Split 51/52 swf semaphore arm cover


Split and Early Oval , ATE brake fluid reservoir


Split and Early Oval “ATE” style brake fluid reservoir cap


Split and up to 55 Door`s Striker Plate


Split and Zwitter Wipers


Split Beetle “swf” semaphore bulbholders


Split Beetle “Y” profile “HUF” key


Split Beetle 46 to 52 rubber mats


Split beetle Dash ashtray knob


Split beetle front and rear hood seals


Split Beetle Interior Domelight Assy


Split Beetle interior mirror


Split Beetle licence light seal


Split Beetle pod switch knobs


Split Beetle speedo pod, oil, generator, sema and hi beam lens


Split Beetle Standard Mirror


Split Beetle Taillight lenses


Split beetle taillight seal


Split Beetle, Zwitter and early oval, original style door seal


Split Bug “SHO” semaphore arm cover


Split bug molding clips


Split choke cable


Split Choke cable repro


Split Convertible Door Wedges


Split Crotch cooler grilles


Split Crotch Cooler NOS Springs


Split Dash Ashtray


Split Dash Ashtray collar


Split Deluxe windshield trim clips


Split Front Hood Cable


Split front hood mounting kit


Split Gas Tank 100 mm Cap Seal


Split Gear Shift Knob

Split Handbrake pin and clips